Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Lahore, the provincial capital of Punjab, has once again claimed the dubious title of being the world’s most polluted city. The air quality in Lahore has deteriorated significantly, causing widespread health concerns among its residents. According to the Switzerland-based air quality information platform IQAir, Lahore now ranks first on the global pollution index, surpassing other major cities in terms of hazardous air quality.

The situation is dire. Hundreds of people in Lahore are suffering from respiratory illnesses due to the poor air quality. The city’s air pollution levels have escalated, with PM2.5 particles reaching alarming concentrations. Authorities have been forced to take action, including ordering a partial closure of schools in what was once known as the “city of gardens.” Some factories have also faced fines for failing to adopt pollution control technologies.

Environmental experts, including Rafeh Alam, emphasize the urgent need for measures to reduce air pollution. Toxic air exposure poses a serious risk to the health of Lahore’s residents, including women and children. The practice of burning crop remnants by Pakistani farmers, combined with vehicular and industrial emissions, exacerbates the smog problem. Strong winds further spread the pollution across the region, creating a hazardous environment for everyone.

As the government grapples with this critical issue, doctors advise citizens to wear face masks to protect themselves from respiratory diseases. Lahore’s battle against pollution continues, and concerted efforts are required to restore clean air and safeguard public health.

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