Lahore, Pakistan: In a shocking turn of events, Pakistani boxer Zohaib Rasheed has gone missing in Italy during an Olympic qualifying tournament. The incident unfolded when Rasheed allegedly stole money from a teammate’s bag, leading to his sudden disappearance.

The Disappearance

Zohaib Rasheed, a rising talent in Pakistan’s boxing scene, had previously won a bronze medal in the Asian Boxing Championships. His participation in the Olympic qualifying tournament was highly anticipated. However, his actions have now cast a shadow over his promising career.

According to reports, Rasheed took advantage of his teammate, female boxer Laura Ikram. While Ikram was away for training, Rasheed swiped her room keys from the front desk and pilfered her foreign currency from a purse. He then vanished from the hotel, leaving behind a trail of embarrassment for the Pakistan Amateur Boxing Federation.

National Embarrassment

Colonel Nasir Ahmed, the national federation’s secretary, expressed his disappointment: “It is most embarrassing for the federation and the country the way Zohaib Rasheed has behaved. He had gone to Italy as part of a five-member squad for the Olympic qualifying tournament.”

The Pakistan Embassy in Italy has been notified, and a police report has been filed regarding the incident. Authorities are actively searching for Rasheed, but he remains uncontactable.

A Familiar Tale

This isn’t the first time a Pakistani athlete has disappeared while abroad with a national squad, hoping for a better future. Rasheed’s actions have left the boxing community stunned and raised questions about sportsmanship and integrity.

As the search for Zohaib Rasheed continues, the boxing world watches with bated breath, hoping for a resolution to this perplexing case.

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