Lahore, Pakistan: In a significant development, Miracle Saltworks Collective Inc. (MSCI), a leading American company specializing in the import, manufacture, and supply of sea salt, has announced its intention to invest nearly $200 million in Pakistan’s Pink Himalayan Salt industry.

The joint venture agreement was signed between Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation (PMDC) and Miracle Saltworks Collective Inc. The agreement aims to establish a dedicated facility for crushing and packaging of pink salt specifically for export purposes. The signing ceremony was attended by Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar ul Haq KakarEnergy Minister Muhamamd Ali, and other relevant senior authorities.

Prime Minister Kakar emphasized the importance of value addition in exports, stating that the practice of exporting raw materials should come to an end. He expressed optimism that this investment would lead to quality product exports, enhancing Pakistan’s branding and opening up further opportunities. The decision by the US-based firm to invest $200 million is a resounding vote of confidence in the government’s economic policies. Beyond the monetary value, it signifies trust, partnership, and shared prosperity.

The Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC), which plays a pivotal role in creating an enabling environment for foreign direct investment, was also highlighted. The SIFC streamlines processes, removes bureaucratic hurdles, and serves as a one-window facility for investors in various sectors, including mining, energy, IT, agriculture, livestock, industry, and tourism.

This investment not only holds promise for Pakistan’s economy but also underscores the significance of the country’s unique Pink Himalayan Salt on the global stage. As MSCI takes this groundbreaking step, it reinforces the potential of Pakistan’s mineral resources and their contribution to a stable and prosperous nation.

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