Lahore – November 8, 2023 – In response to the urgent humanitarian crisis in Gaza, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has taken swift action by dispatching relief supplies to Al-Arish Airport in Egypt. These supplies, sent via a charter plane cargo Boeing 474, are part of Alkhidmat’s ongoing efforts to alleviate the suffering of the victims in Gaza.

With the collaboration and support of the National Disaster Management Authority, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has sent a comprehensive aid package, including essential items such as food, medicines, hygiene kits, delivery kits, and baby kits. Dr. Hafeezur Rahman, the President of Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, emphasized the organization’s commitment to providing immediate relief to those in need.
“While sending the relief goods, President Dr. Hafeezur Rahman announced that Alkhidmat Foundation is prepared to send five additional planes, with the necessary items already in shipping position,” stated the press release. “Our Vice President, Muhammad Abdus Shakoor, is currently in Egypt, engaging in consultations with government officials and charitable organizations to explore additional avenues for aid to Gaza.”
Alkhidmat Foundation has a deep-rooted connection with the people of Gaza and has been actively involved in providing assistance in collaboration with international humanitarian organizations. The organization recognizes the severity of the current situation in Gaza and acknowledges the need for a comprehensive plan for reconstruction and rehabilitation.
Dr. Hafeezur Rahman urged collective action, stating, “After such a significant loss, the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Gaza will require a concerted effort. Everyone must play their part in supporting the victims during this challenging period.”
Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan remains dedicated to its mission of serving humanity, and the organization reaffirms its commitment to providing continuous support to the victims in Gaza as part of the international humanitarian response.


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