This Gold Price in Pakistan Today on 3 November 2023 is equivalent to the amount of Rs.215,700 for the tola of 24-karat of precious metal. Gold price per 10 grams is equivalent to the equivalent of Rs.184,930 for an all-encompassing bullion market.

It is the price of gold for the entire year that was reported in Pakistan for 24-karat, according to different sources at the market local to bullion, which is situated in Karachi and Multan.

It is vital to know that the Gold Rates are typically comparable across the country, with the exception of a few hundreds of rupees that vary between cities. Additionally, it has been known that the Gold Price in Pakistan fluctuates throughout the day. The website is regularly updated all day long.

The Gold Rate in Pakistan Today 3 November, 2023

In Pakistan for one single tola of 24-karat gold is approximately Rs.215,700 per tola as of 3 November 2023. There is little variation of just hundreds of rupees between cities. The Gold Prices for Pakistan are derived directly from the Gold Market in Karachi or Multan. The rates are changed every day at least twice and the posts are updated regularly throughout the day.

The Price of Gold in Pakistan for 22-karat of precious metal is the equivalent of Rs.197,724 for a tola, and the price for 21-karat is the equivalent of Rs.189,438 for a tola according to the market for bullion.

Today Gold Price in Pakistan – 3 November 2023

LahorePKR 215,700PKR 2,418
KarachiPKR 215,700PKR 2,418
IslamabadPKR 215,700PKR 2,418
PeshawarPKR 215,700PKR 2,418
QuettaPKR 215,700PKR 2,418
SialkotPKR 215,700PKR 2,418
AttockPKR 215,700PKR 2,418
GujranwalaPKR 215,700PKR 2,418
JehlumPKR 215,700PKR 2,418
MultanPKR 215,700PKR 2,418
BahawalpurPKR 215,700PKR 2,418
GujratPKR 215,700PKR 2,418
NawabshahPKR 215,700PKR 2,418
ChakwalPKR 215,700PKR 2,418
HyderabadPKR 215,700PKR 2,418
NowshehraPKR 215,700PKR 2,418
SargodhaPKR 215,700PKR 2,418
FaisalabadPKR 215,700PKR 2,418
MirpurPKR 215,700PKR 2,418

Note: The price of gold in Pakistan fluctuates according to the international market and therefore it is not fixed. Below rates are provided from local market for gold as well as Sarafa Markets of different cities.


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