Dubai, 26th September 2023:

Malaika Arora will be hooting for the team Delhi Binny’s Brigade at the Tennis Premier League Season 5 powered by Clear (TPL S5). 

Awarded the most popular team in the league for two consecutive seasons, Delhi Binny’s Brigade will look to use the popularity and reach of Malaika Arora as a prominent figure in the Indian fitness and sports community to boost the team’s fan engagement. Owner of the Delhi franchise, Save Eat founder & CEO of Binny’s Jewellery, Mr. Sneh Binny spoke with delight while talking about Malaika Arora showing her support for Delhi Binny’s Brigade. He said, “Malaika Arora is an influential figure in the Indian sports and fitness community in addition to being a brilliant Actress, Model, and TV Presenter. Malaika believes in inculcating an active lifestyle for wholesome development and long-lasting health benefits that equate to a more prosperous life. Her support will surely add another dimension of glamour to the team and new insights into fitness that will allow our franchise to enhance their performance on the court and their popularity off it.

He added, “With an innovative format the Tennis Premier League has captivated the spectators’ interest and the League has already contributed to elevating the status of tennis in our country.

Malaika Arora has been a proactive advocate of having an active lifestyle for people of all ages for holistic development. She spoke about becoming part of Delhi Binny’s Brigade and the league as a whole with optimism as she said, “The Tennis Premier League is a fantastic tournament with fast-paced matches designed to lure viewers to follow the league. Over the previous four seasons, the league has helped the tennis community in India to expand at an exponential rate, and I am proud to be a part of the Delhi Binny’s Brigade and the league as a whole. I’m hoping that I can play a role to help the franchisee reach new heights.

An expert in yoga and fitness, Malaika added, “It is really important for sports like tennis to be an active part of everyone’s lives. They help individuals teach attributes such as discipline, resilience, and communication which help in the overall development of an individual.

Co-founder of TPL, Mr. Kunal Thakkur spoke about Malaika’s support for Delhi Binny’s Brigade ahead of season five of the league, he said, “Malaika is a fitness idol in our country and has helped popularise yoga exponentially in India also. She is dedicated to boosting the reach and participation of Tennis in India to help the nation produce world-class talent. We are excited about her involvement in the league, surely she will help TPL garner newer audiences.

Mrunal Jain, the Co-founder of TPL, added to this as he said, “We are overjoyed with Malaika’s involvement in the league, her presence will add to the splendour of the tournament and also showcases the unique opportunity the league presents to celebrities to support and help elevate the sport of tennis in India.

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