Birthdays are special moments, and when you’re a popular actress like Hania Amir, the celebrations become even more exciting. Recently, Hania’s close friend and singer Asim Azhar orchestrated a surprise birthday bash that left everyone talking. Let’s dive into the details of this unforgettable event!

The Setting

Asim Azhar chose an indoor theme park in Karachi as the venue for Hania’s birthday celebration. The theme? None other than the hit Netflix series Stranger Things! Imagine stepping into the Upside Down, surrounded by flickering fairy lights, eerie music, and mysterious decor. As Hania arrived, she couldn’t help but feel like she’d stepped into Hawkins, Indiana.

The Surprise Unveiled

As the doors swung open, Hania was greeted by the familiar strains of the Stranger Things theme music. Her eyes widened as she took in the scene: flickering alphabet lights spelling out “Happy Birthday,” a wall adorned with fairy lights forming the alphabet, and a cake shaped like Eleven’s favorite waffles. Asim had truly outdone himself!

Hania’s Reaction

Hania later shared her excitement on social media, saying, “Guys, the only thing I can hear is the Stranger Things music. Asim has left me in the car…” Her surprise and joy were evident, and fans couldn’t get enough of her genuine reaction.

The Guest List

The party was attended by close friends, fellow actors, and industry insiders. From fellow co-stars to music artists, everyone came together to celebrate Hania’s special day. The camaraderie and laughter filled the air, making it a night to remember.

The Stranger Things Experience

Guests enjoyed themed activities, including a scavenger hunt for “demogorgon eggs,” a photo booth with props from the show, and a mini Dungeons & Dragons game. Asim even dressed up as Chief Hopper, complete with a coffee mug and a walkie-talkie. Hania, channeling her inner Eleven, rocked a pink dress and a waffle-shaped hairpin.


As the night wound down, Hania expressed her gratitude to Asim and everyone who made her birthday unforgettable. The Stranger Things-themed bash was a perfect blend of creativity, friendship, and nostalgia. We can’t wait to see what surprises await Hania next year!

Remember, birthdays are about creating memories, and Hania’s surprise celebration will be etched in our hearts forever. Happy birthday, Hania Amir!

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