Breaking News A Unique Name for a Musk Family:

In yet another captivating twist in the lives of tech mogul Elon Musk and Grimes, the former couple has revealed the birth of their third child together. The latest addition to their unique family goes by the name Tau Techno Mechanicus, as confirmed by Musk himself on X, the social media platform he owns. This revelation came in response to a post by entertainment news account Pop Base, which listed the names of Musk and Grimes’ three children as “X Æ A-Xii, Exa Dark Sideræl Musk, Techno Mechanicus.”

A Well-Kept Secret Unveiled:

The birth of Tau Techno Mechanicus had remained a well-kept secret until now, adding another layer of intrigue to the Musk-Grimes family dynamics. While the couple officially parted ways in September 2021, Grimes, whose real name is Claire Boucher, has described their relationship status as “very fluid.” This fluidity extends even to the announcements of their children’s arrivals.

A Surprising Revelation: Exa Dark Sideræl Musk:

In a revealing March 2022 interview with Vanity Fair, Grimes disclosed that Exa Dark Sideræl Musk was born in December 2021 via a surrogate. Interestingly, it appeared that Musk and Grimes had no intention of announcing the birth of their second child, who has been affectionately nicknamed “Y.” However, the news came to light when a Vanity Fair journalist overheard the sound of a baby crying during the interview.

Unique Names: A Musk-Grimes Family Tradition:

The Musk-Grimes family’s penchant for unconventional names began with their first child, X Æ A-Xii, born in May 2020. The couple’s willingness to embrace distinctive monikers for their offspring has sparked considerable fascination and discussion among the public.

Elon Musk’s Expanding Family:

A Father of Many:

Elon Musk, at 48 years old, has five other children from a previous marriage, including twins Griffin and Vivian and triplets Damian, Saxon, and Kai. Surprisingly, on September 6, it was revealed that Musk is also the father of 16-month-old twins named Strider and Azure. These twins were born to Shivon Zilis, an executive at Neuralink, a company owned by Musk that aims to develop implantable computer chips for the human brain.

Musk’s Concerns on Birth Rates:

Musk has been outspoken about his concerns regarding declining birth rates in the United States. He emphasized the issue on Twitter, stating, “USA birth rate has been below min sustainable levels for ~50 years,” in May 2022. He further reiterated his stance in July of that year, writing, “Doing my best to help the underpopulation crisis. A collapsing birth rate is the biggest danger civilization faces by far.


As the Musk-Grimes family continues to evolve, one can’t help but wonder what unique and enigmatic twists their lives will take next. Their ability to capture the public’s attention, both through their professional endeavors and their family life, remains a testament to their fascinating journey in the spotlight.

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