Rawalpindi (Staff Reporter)

The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Gen. Asim Munir, was visited at General Headquarters by Dr. Azad Marshall, the Moderator/President Bishops (Church of Pakistan and Bishop of Raiwind) and a group of 13 members of the Christian Community on Monday. In addition to discussing issues of religious and interfaith cooperation, the gathering covered other topics of common interest. The COAS praised the Pakistani Christian Community’s contributions to national development, particularly their support for high standards in education, healthcare, and charitable work, as well as their remarkable involvement in the nation’s defense.

General Asim Munir expressed deep respect for the Christian community and stressed the need to promote greater interfaith harmony in society in order to follow Quaid’s true vision of a united and progressive Pakistan. “Islam is a religion of peace, and both Islam and society have no place for intolerance and extremism,” he added. In a civilized community, no one can be permitted to impose law on himself. Members of the Christian community recognized the Pakistan Army’s efforts to fight terrorism and give the nation’s minorities a secure environment. They valued the Army Chief’s action as motivation for Pakistani minorities to participate more fully and actively in the development of their country and in regaining their trust in a cohesive and tolerant society.

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