Date: February 7, 2024

Islamabad: As the public gears up for the upcoming general elections on February 8th, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has categorically stated that there is no plan to shut down internet and communication services on election day as part of security measures. Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sikander Sultan Raja dispelled any such possibility, affirming, “There is no proposal to halt internet services during the elections.” This statement came during a media briefing after an ECP meeting.

Current Context

Given the recent surge in terrorist incidents in Pakistan, particularly attacks targeting political gatherings and election rallies, the country faces a precarious security situation. In light of these developments, the Election Commission had convened a high-level meeting to discuss security measures and prepare for any untoward situations on election day.

Preparations and Assurance

The Election Commission has decided that necessary security arrangements will be in place for the elections on February 8th. However, disrupting communication services is not part of the plan. The focus remains on ensuring a secure electoral process while allowing citizens to exercise their right to information and communication.

As voters head to the polls, the ECP’s commitment to a transparent and safe election process stands firm. The Chief Election Commissioner emphasized that citizens’ access to information and communication channels will remain uninterrupted during this crucial democratic exercise.

This reaffirms the ECP’s dedication to conducting free and fair elections, even amidst security challenges. Let us hope that the democratic spirit prevails, and citizens can cast their votes without hindrance. 

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