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Postgraduate Medical Institute & Ameeruddin Medical College Principal Prof. Muhammad Al-Fareed Zafar has disclosed that every 4th person in Pakistan is suffering from diabetes. Similarly millions of people around the world are suffering in eye problems, heart and kidney diseases due to diabetes. This disease causes more complications in human health if someone depends on tips and get treatment from quacks, so citizens should get their treatment from a qualified physician as soon as possible. He expressed these views while addressing the diabetes prevention and awareness Seminar at Lahore General Hospital. Prof. Dr. Tahir Siddique, Dr. Kashif Aziz, Dr. Muhammad Maqsood, Dr. Umar Ejaz, Dr. Nadia Arshad, Yasmeen Sharif, Benish Sardar, Iqra Sher, professors from various hospitals of Lahore, young doctors, nurses and Medical students were present in large numbers.

Prof. Tahir Siddique said that although diabetes is not a common disease, it has considered an epidemic all over the world, including Pakistan, and this disease has the ability to be transmitted from parents to children. Medical experts said that more than 33 million people in Pakistan are suffering from diabetes, out of which 25% do not even know that they have fall prey of this disease and due to lack of serious attention towards proper treatment, with the passage of time, they have suffer from kidney, eye and heart diseases too.

They said that improper diet, obesity, poor lifestyle are the main causes of this disease, apart from this, if a person in the family is suffering from diabetes, then such a person has strong chances to suffer in other diseases. Highlighting the symptoms of diabetes, medical experts said that if someone feel thirsty, urinate frequently and suddenly lose weight, then consult a qualified doctor immediately because diabetes could damages every part of the body. Anyhow, due to latest development in medical science, the epidemic diseases like diabetes can be controlled and the patient can live a healthy life.

However, diabetes can be controlled with preventive measures, medicines, exercise and diet. They said that instead of giving traditional messages, we have to work hard and struggle to fight against this disease for which most of the responsibility associated with medicine. Medical Experts told that the comforts of life have made man lazy and due to which people who are equipped with modern facilities are the most prone to diabetes.

Talking to the media, Principal PGMI Prof. Al-Fareed Zafar said that diseases are not limited to geographical boundaries or followers of any religion, but humanity is their target, so proper timely treatment and research to prevent diseases is important. He said that medical experts from all over the world are fighting for the comfort of humanity with their collective efforts, due to which many diseases have been eradicated in developing countries including Pakistan, in which smallpox is at the forefront. It is the need of the four to make concerted efforts for the effective treatment of diabetes and its elimination so as to prevent this common enemy of humanity from spreading, he added.

He further said that diabetes is the mother of all diseases that gives birth to countless diseases, pregnant women are not immune from its deadly diseases and the effects of sugar on people who are already in poor health are very deadly. He emphasized that mass campaign should be conducted to change the daily life style and habits along with adopting preventive measures among the people so that people should avoid fast food, chicken products, sweets and cold drinks and they ensure exercise a routine of life. Principal Al-Fareed appreciated the efforts of Prof. Dr. Tahir Siddique and his team for organizing the awareness seminar and hinted to organize such awareness seminars in future as well.

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