Lahore: The Inspector General, National Highways and Motorway Police has taken serious notice on recent accident involving vehicle carrying hazardous material and issued direction that strict enforcement is need of the hour to avert involvement of vehicles carrying hazardous material in traffic accidents. Such accidents pose exponential threat to human lives and property in comparison with other road crashes. He further issued directions that to ensure stern legal action against all transport vehicle carrying hazardous material, Petrol, Diesel, Ethanol, LPG, LNG, Flammable & combustible chemical/material. which are non-compliant with OGRA Safety Protocols.

Moreover, implementation of approved SOPs and applicable law shall also be ensured in letter and spirit. IG, NHMP further said that vehicles involved in violation of NHMP and OGRA SOPs shall be restricted on Motorways from all toll plazas/ interchanges. Furthermore, transportation of such vehicles shall also be discouraged on Highways falling within area of responsibility of NHMP. Moreover, awareness campaign shall be launched to sensitized drivers transport companies as well as general public regarding risks, vulnerability and impacts of transporting hazardous material through substandard vehicles which are non-complaint with OGRA safety protocols. He further directed that approved contents may displayed at toll plazas for further dissemination through variable messages screen boards.

IG Sultan Ali Khowaja said that Use of unauthorized and unfit vehicle for transportation of hazardous material is one of the major causes endangering the live and property. On special directions of IG, NHMP In order to ensure the safety of commuters, delivery and transportation of Flammable Liquid, Flammable Solid, Flammable Gases, Explosive Material, Corrosive Material, Radioactive Material, Toxic & Infectious Material and Oxidizing Material hazardous materials on National Highways and Motorways is strictly prohibited without obtaining license/permission from the concerned authorities.

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