There Is Need To Include Special Subject In Nursing Syllabus Regarding Diabetes Care & Management.

Lahore (Health Reporter) Post Graduate Medical Institute & Amir Uddin Medical College Principal Prof. Muhammad Al-Farid Zafar has said that there is no doubt that in terms of diabetes Pakistan stood at third position in terms of diabetes which is very alarming. He appealed to the Punjab Government and related institutions to include special subject on care and management of diabetic patients in the nursing syllabus so that the rapidly growing diabetes could be managed effectively. He added that to prepare subject specialist nurses for the prevention of diabetes disease and care of patients is much more important therefore, the issue of specialization diploma in diabetes is the most important need of the hour and this initiative will enable the new nurses to take better care of diabetic patients at the beginning.

These views were expressed by Prof. Al-Fareed Zafar while addressing the participants of the awareness seminar on prevention of diseases organized by LGH Medical Unit 3, while Prof. Ghias un Nabi Tyayab, Prof. Israr ul Haq Toor, Prof. Dr. Nudrat Sohail, Dr. Ghiyas ul Hassan also addressed the seminar and informed the young doctors about modern treatment methods for diabetic patients. The speakers said that a single drop of blood is enough to diagnose diabetes, so people should visit their doctor at least twice a year to stay informed about their health and ensure that preventive measures are followed. Make examination and blood screening mandatory so that you can be protected from diseases and in case of any disorder, treatment can be started on time.

Principal PGMI further said that fast food, cold drinks and sweets are the cause of diseases which we personally buy by spending huge amount of money which after some time appear in the form of complicated diseases with the said food items and again we have to bear huge expenses for our health maintenance and treatment. He expressed his views on preventive measures and said that people should reconsider the aim of life and eat to live instead of eating to fill the stomach. Similarly, we must control ourselves to eat so that one can be protected from obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases with less food.

Prof. Al-Fareed Zafar further said that the process of screening students in educational institutions is to protect the society from diseases. It can play a fundamental role and through blood screening and eye examination of the students, many diseases can be detected at an early stage. He told that PGMI, AMC and LGH will continue the mission of disease prevention, raising public awareness and serving the suffering humanity in the future for which all possible measures will be taken. Appreciating the holding of the seminar, the Principal LGH thanked Prof. Ghiyas ul-Nabi Tayyab, Prof. Asrar-ul-Haq Toor and other medical experts for delivering special lectures, who spared their valuable time to update the knowledge of doctors and benefitted from his experience to improve the health of patients.

On this occasion, Dr. Hafiz Ehsanullah, a large number of young doctors, nurses and paramedical staff were present who took part in the holding of this seminar.


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