In a remarkable move to enhance accessibility and affordability of public transport, the Punjab government has introduced an impressive program in Lahore. This initiative offers free travel on the Orange Line Train and Metro Bus services for a period of three months to senior citizens, individuals with disabilities, and school students. This program aims to alleviate transportation costs for these groups and make commuting more accessible.

Benefits for Senior Citizens, People with Disabilities, and Students

The Punjab government’s new program extends a significant benefit to three key groups:
Senior Citizens: Elderly individuals who meet the eligibility criteria and hold a valid ID card will be eligible for this free transport service. This provides a practical and economic solution for senior residents of Lahore, making it easier for them to access various parts of the city.
Individuals with Disabilities: People with disabilities will also enjoy the privilege of free transportation on the Orange Line and Metro Bus systems. This inclusion not only eases their financial burden but also promotes accessibility and inclusivity in public transportation.
School Students: Students up to the 12th grade can use the free transport service. However, university students will need to pay a nominal commuting fee, ensuring that educational accessibility remains a priority.

Student Requirements to avail free Transport Service

To avail of this free transport service, student passengers are required to adhere to specific guidelines:

Uniform: Students must wear their school uniform when using the Orange Line Train and Metro Bus services. This helps in verifying their student status and eligibility for the program.
Student ID Cards: Along with their uniforms, students are required to carry and present their student ID cards. This serves as additional verification and streamlines the process for both students and transport authorities.

A Welcome Relief for Commuters

The launch of this program has brought immense relief to many Lahore residents who depend on public transportation for their daily commutes. It not only eases their financial burdens but also encourages them to utilize public transport, ultimately reducing traffic congestion and environmental impact.

The Punjab government’s initiative to offer free transportation on the Orange Line Train and Metro Bus services for seniors, people with disabilities, and school students is a commendable step towards ensuring inclusive and accessible public transport. By addressing the needs of these vulnerable groups, the government is contributing to a more equitable and sustainable transportation system. This program not only offers economic benefits but also promotes social inclusion and environmental consciousness, making Lahore a more livable and inclusive city.

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