LAHORE (Staff Reporter)

Punjab Higher Education Commission (HEC) Chairman Professor Dr. Shahid Munir has said that generations can be improved only by making education the first priority. He said this while addressing the function organized in Punjab Higher Education Commission on the occasion of World Literacy Day. He said that World Literacy Day creates a movement for the importance of education and its promotion. Steps are needed at individual and collective level to make citizens educated. Gypsy and minority community children and centers for adult education should be common. He said that education is the basic right of every citizen. There is a need to conduct a strong awareness campaign for the promotion of education. There is a need to increase literacy centers for more than 80 million illiterate people in the country. Dr. Tanveer Qasim also addressed the event. Dr. Mansoor Baloch, Hasan Munir, Dr. Asif Munir, Rao Nauman, Dr. Mumtaz and others also participated in the ceremony

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