ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Information Technology (IT) services export has witnessed remarkable growth, with earnings reaching US$ 1.4 billion during the first six months of the fiscal year 2023-24. This significant achievement reflects the country’s prowess in providing diverse IT services to various nations.

The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) reported that the export of computer services surged by 11.89 percent, rising from US$ 312.484 million to US$ 349.635 million. Notably, software consultancy services saw a 5.57 percent increase, reaching US$ 454.283 million, while hardware consultancy services experienced a remarkable 158.07 percent rise, reaching US$ 3.502 million.

Additionally, the export and import of computer software-related services contributed significantly to this growth. During the same period, repair and maintenance services increased from US$ 0.770 million to US$ 1.594 million.

However, information services faced a decline of 16.40 percent, decreasing from US$ 3.110 million to US$ 2.600 million. Among these services, news agency services decreased by 12.48 percent, while other information services also saw a decline of 24.01 percent.

Despite these fluctuations, the overall trend remains positive, showcasing Pakistan’s resilience and expertise in the global IT arena. The export of telecommunication services also witnessed a slight increase of 0.60 percent, reaching US$ 294.950 million.

This achievement underscores Pakistan’s commitment to fostering a robust IT ecosystem and contributing significantly to the international digital landscape.

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