In the realm of dining out, nothing is more paramount than the confidence that the food we consume is safe and of high quality. Recent events in Rawalpindi have shaken this faith as a KFC outlet in Scheme-III underwent a temporary KFC shutdown due to a startling incident a steel wire was discovered in a burger fillet. In this pakistan time blog, we will delve into the incident’s details, the swift response from local authorities, and the broader implications for food safety in the city.

The Disturbing Discovery

A patron’s unsettling experience became the epicenter of concern when they reported finding a steel wire in a burger from KFC Scheme 3. Beyond the shock value, such incidents cast a shadow over the trust people place in well-established fast-food chains, highlighting the need for vigilant quality control.

Assistant Commissioner’s Swift Action

Assistant Commissioner Cantonment, Qandeel Fatima Memon, known for her unwavering commitment to public welfare, took immediate action. Memon personally visited the KFC outlet, meticulously inspected the kitchen, and confirmed the authenticity of the complaint. Her proactive response emphasized the importance of thorough investigations to safeguard consumers.

Immediate Closure for Safety

With public safety at the forefront, Assistant Commissioner Memon ordered the immediate closure of KFC Scheme 3. This step was essential to prevent any potential harm to customers and to facilitate a comprehensive investigation into the restaurant’s food handling and quality control processes.

Community Concern and Outcry

The incident shook Rawalpindi residents, who expressed shock and disbelief that such an incident could occur in a well-known fast-food chain. This unsettling event ignited conversations about the necessity of stricter regulations and more rigorous inspections for food establishments throughout the city.

Social Media as a Platform for Dialogue

Social media platforms have become hubs for discussions about food safety standards and consumer protection. Citizens are using these platforms to voice their concerns, share their experiences, and applaud proactive officials like Assistant Commissioner Memon.

The Reminder and Call to Action

The temporary closure of the KFC outlet serves as a stark reminder that food safety should always be a top priority. It emphasizes the crucial role of regulatory bodies in maintaining strict oversight to ensure that food establishments adhere to safety and hygiene standards.


The temporary closure of the KFC outlet in Scheme-III, Rawalpindi, serves as a significant incident underscoring the paramount importance of food safety in the foodservice industry. As consumers, it is vital that we remain vigilant and demand accountability from food establishments. The prompt and proactive response of Assistant Commissioner Qandeel Fatima Memon exemplifies the need for thorough investigations to protect consumers’ well-being. Ultimately, this incident calls for stricter regulations and more rigorous inspections to ensure that dining out remains a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

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