WhatsApp introduces instant messaging: enhancing communication with emotion and ease WhatsApp recently introduced a new feature, instant messaging. Building on the success of voice messaging, this latest addition offers users a quick and secure way to share short personal videos directly in their chats, bringing a new level of emotion and spontaneity to every conversation.

Real-time expression, advanced communication:

Through instant messaging, WhatsApp wants to enrich the communication experience of its users. Now, responding to conversations in real time is more obvious than ever. Whether it’s a laugh, heartfelt wishes or sharing exciting news, these short videos of up to 60 seconds allow users to communicate with real emotion and add personality that goes beyond text or voice.

Capturing moments:

Videos have an incredible opportunity to capture moments and convey experiences authentically. Through instant messaging, WhatsApp users can now instantly share important life events, unforgettable memories and everyday adventures. Users are no longer limited to static images or written words, but can immerse themselves in sights and sounds, making interactions more immersive and memorable.

Easy and safe sharing:

WhatsApp has always prioritized user-friendly features and instant messaging is no exception. Sending a video message is as easy as sending an audio message. Tap to switch to video mode, press and hold the record button to record the video, and release when you’re done. For hands-free recording, swiping up locks the recording. This effortless process ensures that users can easily communicate their thoughts and feelings. Privacy and security remain at the heart of WhatsApp’s principles. Like all messages on the platform, instant video messages benefit from end-to-end encryption, which ensures that content remains secure and visible only to the sender and recipient.

Spreading joy and making connections:

The introduction of instant video messaging is more than just a technological improvement; it is a way to strengthen the bonds between WhatsApp users. The power of video combined with the simplicity of its functionality makes it a great tool for spreading joy, celebrating milestones, and building closer connections with friends and family.


WhatsApp’s instant messaging feature is a testament to the platform’s commitment to improving communication and user experience. By enabling real-time, expressive video sharing in a secure environment, WhatsApp empowers users to connect on a deeper level and share the richness of their lives with loved ones they care about. So go ahead and embrace this new feature! Share your smiles, laughs and memorable moments with instant video messages and enjoy a more engaging and heartfelt communication experience on WhatsApp.

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