Katy Perry is locked in a legal battle with the founder of 1-800-Flowers, Carl Westcott, over a $15 million mansion in Santa Barbara, California.

Perry and her partner, Orlando Bloom, purchased the mansion in July 2020. However, just days after the deal was inked, Westcott said he changed his mind. Westcott claimed that he was not of sound mind when he sold the home and that he had been under the influence of painkillers after back surgery.

Perry and Bloom refused to rescind the sale, and Westcott subsequently filed a lawsuit against them. The case is scheduled to go to trial in November 2023.

Westcott’s lawyers have argued that their client was not in a position to enter into a binding contract when he sold the mansion. They have also claimed that Perry and Bloom took advantage of Westcott’s condition.

Perry and Bloom’s lawyers have denied these allegations. They have argued that Westcott was aware of the value of the mansion and that he made a conscious decision to sell it.

The outcome of the case could have implications for both parties. If Perry and Bloom win, they will be able to keep the mansion. If Westcott wins, the sale will be rescinded and he will get his property back.

The case is also being watched closely by the real estate industry. If Westcott is successful, it could make it more difficult for sellers to back out of contracts, even if they have legitimate reasons for doing so.

The outcome of the case is likely to be decided by the judge. The judge will need to weigh the evidence presented by both sides and decide whether or not Westcott was of sound mind when he sold the mansion.

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