Israel formally declared war on Hamas, the Palestinian militant group that controls the Gaza Strip, on Sunday, following a series of rocket attacks by Hamas on Israeli cities. The Israeli military has launched a massive airstrike campaign on Gaza, killing hundreds of people, including civilians.

The declaration of war is a significant escalation of the conflict, which has been ongoing for several weeks. Hamas has fired thousands of rockets into Israel, while Israel has responded with airstrikes and artillery fire.

The United Nations has called for an immediate ceasefire, but both sides have refused to comply. The international community is increasingly concerned about the humanitarian situation in Gaza, where hospitals are overwhelmed and food and water supplies are running low.

The war between Israel and Hamas has been a source of tension in the region for many years. Hamas is considered a terrorist organization by Israel and the United States, but it is also a popular movement among Palestinians. Hamas has pledged to continue fighting until Israel withdraws from the Palestinian territories.

The outcome of the war is uncertain, but it is clear that the conflict will have a devastating impact on the people of Gaza. The war has already killed hundreds of people and displaced thousands more. The humanitarian situation in Gaza is dire, and the people of Gaza are in desperate need of help.

The international community must do everything it can to bring an end to this conflict and to provide assistance to the people of Gaza.

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