In a customer-centric move, Kia Motors has announced significant price reductions for specific car models in Pakistan. Starting from March 4th, 2024, these revised prices aim to enhance the accessibility of Kia vehicles to a broader customer base across the nation.

Lucky Motor Company (LMC), the manufacturer of Kia vehicles in Pakistan, has implemented these changes. Here are the key details:

  1. Sportage Variants:
    • The prices of Sportage Alpha have been reduced by Rs. 250,000.
    • Sportage FWDAWD, and the Limited Edition now cost Rs. 300,000 less.

The updated prices are as follows:

  • Sportage Alpha: Rs. 7,300,000
  • Sportage FWD: Rs. 7,740,000
  • Sportage AWD: Rs. 8,470,000
  • Sportage Limited Edition: Rs. 9,000,000

This move comes after Kia was the first car manufacturer in Pakistan to announce a major price increase in 2024. The reduction in prices aims to make Kia vehicles more accessible and affordable for Pakistani consumers.

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