Recent elections have brought a glimmer of relief to Islamabad’s inflation rates, with market reports indicating a decline in prices across various essential commodities. Notably, egg prices have plummeted by over 120 rupees per dozen. In January, a dozen eggs cost a staggering 420 rupees, but the recent price stands at 300 rupees per dozen. This significant drop offers a sigh of relief for consumers in the federal capital, alleviating some financial burdens in their daily lives.

Additionally, other food items have also witnessed price adjustments:

  • Potato prices have dipped by 30 rupees per kilogram since January, now ranging between 70 and 80 rupees per kilogram compared to 110 rupees previously.
  • Onions have experienced a significant drop of 140 rupees per kilogram from January to February. Previously priced at 320 rupees, onions now sell for 180 rupees per kilogram.
  • Tomato prices reflect a decrease of 60 rupees per kilogram. In January, tomatoes were priced at 180 rupees per kilogram, while the latest reports indicate a reduction to 110 rupees per kilogram in mid-February.

These developments come as a welcome relief for consumers, allowing them to manage their household budgets more effectively during these challenging times.

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