In a reassuring announcement, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has confirmed that internet services will remain operational on February 8, the day of the upcoming elections. Despite earlier hints about potential suspensions, the PTA clarified that there will be no interruption in internet connectivity during the crucial polling period.

Caretaker Interior Minister Dr. Gohar Ejaz emphasized that the government would only consider suspending internet services if a specific request arises from a district or province due to security concerns. However, as of now, no such decision has been made, and citizens can expect seamless internet access on election day.

The PTA’s confirmation ensures that voters, journalists, and election observers can stay connected and informed throughout the electoral process. As Pakistan prepares for this significant event, maintaining uninterrupted communication channels is crucial for transparency and public participation.

Remember, your voice matters, and exercising your right to vote is essential for shaping the nation’s future. Let’s make February 8 a day of active civic engagement!

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