In the first-ever Aturto1.2 Knockout main event, Jowkhum Dilli Singhpo defeated Franky Mommin to win performance of the night title. The action-packed night at Aturto 1.2 saw some of the most exciting and skilled fighters gathered under one roof to promote the finest fight show of the evening rewarding the select few untapped winning talents who came prepared to ace their combat game.
Jowkhum Dilli is renowned for writing history as the fighter from Arunachal Pradesh who won battles in Indonesia in addition to winning bronze at the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts (GAMMA) Asian Championship in Kyrgyzstan.
Techi Karda and Johnny Darlong, who won the title Match of the Night at the second Aturto Fight event, were the night’s other big attraction. The Knockout of the Night prize went to Diyo Rimo, and Prakamya Gogoi was honoured with the extraordinary Submission of the Night winning award. The league attracted over more than 1000 spectators for the clash of the giants because to the exceptional combination of Olympians and seasoned athletes who offered fighters a one-stop platform to elevate their status.
Six bouts were held during the entertaining contest.
Results of the Night
1st Bout – Aryan Manoj (KOI RMX) VS Gautam Moyong (Donang) Gautam Moyong won by TKO

2nd Bout – Ranjan Thengal (KOI RMX) VS Prakamya Gogoi (Hillside MMA) Prakamya wins by Submission Armbar
3rd Bout – Angel Debbarma (TCA) VS Kon Jarbin (Crosstrain MMA)
Jarbin wins by TKO
4th Bout – Johnny Darlong (Hillside) VS Techi Karda (Abrasumente)
Techi wins by decision favouring.
5th Bout – Co-Main event – Ningombam Tulasidhas Singh (KOI RMX) VS Diyo Rimo (Abrasumente)
Diyo wins by knockout
6th Bout – Main Event – Franky Momin (HMMA) VS Jowkhum Dilli (Abrasumente) Jowkhum wins by Knockout

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